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Plants showing off, plants digesting... - The Gory Details

Aug. 11th, 2011

06:07 pm - Plants showing off, plants digesting...

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This is what I saw when I looked outside this morning:

2011 garden, trumpet vine and morning glories

The poor little garden shed is almost completely covered by rampant vines, with the trumpet vine winning, and the morning glories offering a handsome contrast. It was a glorious day, too, breezy and bright and not too hot - I could count on the fingers of one hand the number of similar days this summer, alas! But I was glad to get this one, and spent some happy time in the hammock enjoying it.

One of the indoor plants managed to do a little hunting on its own; check out my Venus flytrap:

2011 garden, Venus flytrap digesting!

[You might have to click through to the larger image to see the fly-shaped shadow inside the uppermost flytrap, but it's definitely there.] I sometimes take the pot outside to let the plant hunt in the wild, but I hadn't done that recently, so this fly must have been nabbed indoors. Good job, Audrey 2 1/2!

Today's my ninth anniversary on BookCrossing; so many books, so much fun! I'd intended to have a stack of books ready to release for the occasion, and to try to set a personal mass-release record of some sort... But, alas, I kept putting off the part where I write up the books-to-be-released in favor of going shopping for more books (ahem), so I don't know if I'll manage any releases today at all. I'm taking a brief road trip this weekend, though, so I hope to strew a few books across several states in the process...

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