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Today's harvest - more veggies, more colors! - The Gory Details

Aug. 15th, 2011

08:43 pm - Today's harvest - more veggies, more colors!

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I got a nice little harvest today, clipping veggies in the rain.
2011, Aug. 15 harvest (Roughly) clockwise from the top: jalapeno, "Sweet Chocolate" sweet pepper, "Great White" tomato, cucumber, orange pepper, green peppers (had to harvest them green because a stem broke, otherwise they'd have grown up to be the chocolate or orange types), "Calliope" eggplant, and two "Sweet Lavender" eggplants. Most of it went into a stovetop ratatouille tonight (yum!), with the orange pepper waiting for tomorrow - I plan to make some hummus and dip the pepper in it.

Current Mood: hungryhungry