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Woohoo! There's an Indiegogo campaign for A Redtail's Dream! - The Gory Details

Sep. 3rd, 2013

12:12 pm - Woohoo! There's an Indiegogo campaign for A Redtail's Dream!

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A Redtail's Dream is one of my favorite webcomics, a charming series themed off of Finnish mythology but with a snarky/apathetic hero and his faithful and exuberant dog - who, as they journey through the dream-world to try and save their village, takes on the forms of different animals (while retaining adorable doggy-ears and fluffy tail). I adore the artwork and the story (which ranges from hilarious to touching to scary and back again), and even though the book (a single volume for the series, plus international postage) will be a bit pricey, I had to have it. And I wanted to post about it in case anyone else would like to check out the funding drive here:


There are, of course, more economical options for PDF versions and such, and higher-end ones that include custom artwork (which I also covet, but I could strain my budget only so far!).

And if you aren't interested in the campaign, do check out the webcomic - it's really delightful!

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